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Reproductive Health Care

I offer respectful reproductive health care in my Albuquerque clinic.  My clients range from teens to postmenopausal, and the care I provide is individualized to address each person's specific needs.

Health services include:

You & I are in touch by phone or email about what services you need, and we schedule an appointment in the next week or two at my shared office space. While we’re careful to ensure that all equipment & supplies are sterile & clean, we also try to make our clinic feel cosy and welcoming. When you come for your appointment, there may be a few other people here or perhaps a playgroup happening in the community room; either way, we hope you feel relaxed and welcome. If you’d like, you’re welcome to bring someone with you, including your children if needed.

During your appointment, you and I talk about the national recommendations for gyn health screenings and specifically about the services you need. I check your vital signs and, if needed, collect bloodwork or samples to send to the lab. In many cases, a clinical pelvic exam is needed only if there are specific concerns or if you’re due for a pap. Most screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be done without a pelvic exam, depending on symptoms. However, if one is needed, I spend time talking you through it before we even start. When I get your results back from the lab, I call you to make a plan for follow up and treatment, if needed.

  • Annual gyn exams and health screenings. I follow these national guidelines for health screenings.
  • Free pap & breast exams for those eligible for Breast & Cervical Cancer program
  • Confidential screening for vaginal infections & sexually transmitted infections
  • Free pregnancy tests
  • Birth control methods, including natural family planning, non-hormonal methods, prescriptions for hormonal methods and diaphragms, & IUD insertions
  • Fertility support & IUI
  • Information about alternative menstrual products such as cups & cloth pads

Around menopause, many people have questions about symptoms and changes they’re noticing. I’m trained to help with this and can provide guidance about use of herbs, lifestyle adaptations, some medications, and screenings during the peri/post-menopausal years. However, I do not prescribe HRT or gender-affirming hormones.

Fees and insurance:

I work hard to charge fair prices for services and meet the financial needs of my clients. I accept cash, check, & credit card payments and am in network with some insurance companies - including all NM Centennial plans. Coverage for services varies from plan to plan, so I recommend that you ask your insurance company directly about what they will cover. Payment plans, sliding scale, and individualized plans are available as needed.

Fees and Insurance Coverage:

  • For insured clients, I can bill your insurance if I’m in network with your carrier. Lab costs are billed directly to your insurance.
  • For self-pay or uninsured clients, fees are determined on a sliding scale based on household income. Most labs offer self-pay clients a significant discount if paid within 14 days. Please let me know if these fees are difficult for you.
  • New client routine gyn/preventative care visit: $120 (additional lab fees may be necessary, depending on your situation)
  • Established client gyn/preventative care visit: $75*
  • Focused visit (ie. STI screening, family planning, vaginitis, lactation support, IUD removal, etc): $65
  • IUI consultation/preconception (virtual): $50
  • Specific in-office procedures (ie. IUD insertion, IUI): $150.

*ask if you might be eligible for the BCC program to help with these costs if needed