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Providing midwifery services in Albuquerque & nearby communities

Servicios de parteria y salud reproductiva en Albuquerque y alrededores


* Please note: I am not able to accept clients who are due in July or between 15 December - 20 January each year, as these are months that I reserve off to spend with my family. Thank you for understanding!

* For 2023, I’m unable to accept clients due in August/early September. Again, I appreciate your understanding.


  • 123 Wellesley Dr SE Albuquerque NM 87106
  • (505) 750-3270
  • (505) 672-7118

Clinic hours / Horas de la clínica

Mon/lunes 9a-2pm

Tues/martes 8:30a-2pm

Wed/miércoles 9a-12:30pm

Fri/viernes 9a-2pm

Flexible appointments as needed/Citas flexibles disponibles

- Claire Barrett Bettler, CNM

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Our midwifery space, which we affectionately call “the midwife house,” is located in the vibrant Nob Hill neighborhood of ABQ. It is easily accessible by car and has a parking lot for our clients. It is also easily reached by city bus (buses 16, 97, 766, & 777 all pass within a few blocks). The neighborhood is very bike-friendly & clients are welcome to lock bikes at the bike rack across the street (in front of Limonata cafe).

Nuestra oficina está ubicada en el vecindario de Nob Hill. Es fácilmente accesible en automóvil y tenemos estacionamiento para nuestras clientes. También se puede llegar fácilmente en bús (los buses 16, 97, 766 y 777 pasan muy circa). El vecindario es muy acostumbrado a las bicicletas y los clientes pueden guardar bicicletas en el portabicicletas al otro lado de la calle (frente al café Limonata).

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